A design comes along with a process, a process of research, exploration and manufacturing. By doing research on a contemporary theme or a theme which personally inspires me, forms and physical shapes are starting to exist and develop. In a following phase I limit myself to a specefic material / (new) technique, by applying these techniques or materials to the discovered forms and shapes, my ideas are expressed in a new piece of jewellery. 

My name is Nelle Brackeva (BE), I recently finished my master’s degree jewellery design and object making at PXL MAD College in Hasselt, Belgium, after first training myself as a jewellery artist in Stellenbosch (SA) where the emphasis lied on the conceptual aspect of contemporary jewellery, and a goldsmith training in Pforzheim (GE). 

What you will find here are artworks in the making, severals ongoing and finished projects and some other output.  

I have a very broad range of interests and I am always being curiousw what leads me to new ideas and challenging myself over and over again.💭️💭️

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